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Located on the sunny north shore of Lake Chelan in Manson, Wapato Lodge is centered on a stunning point of land that juts into the deep lake. Native Americans have gathered here to celebrate the captivating lake and mountains with song, dance and horse races. Now is the time to make your own memories at Wapato Point.

Lake Chelan, which means deep water in the Salish language, is a narrow, 50.5-mile long alpine lake in north-central Washington state. Before 1927, it was the largest natural lake by any measure. But upon the completion of Lake Chelan Dam in 1927, the elevation of the lake was increased by 21 feet, to its present, expanded state. Two communities, Chelan and Manson, lie on the southern end of the lake. A third, Stehekin, sits at the far north end, providing a scenic gateway to the North Cascades National Park.

Wapato Point rests on tribal land owned by the Wapato Family. The resort was developed in the late 1970s but it has been a meeting place for Native Americans for approximately 2,000 years.

Lake Chelan offers an unparalleled place to be at one with nature while enjoying access to a host of outdoor activities. This exceptional resort on the lake is among the standout vacation getaways in a state known for abundant natural scenery.

Named the Best Resort in Washington, Wapato Point has been delighting visitors for generations. Come and visit any time of year. At this time, however, the rates are especially affordable. Make your reservation today.


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